Choose the Right Product

Choose The CBD Product to Fit Your Wellness Routine

The question we hear most often from people inquiring about CBD is “What ReThink product should I choose?”

The whole ReThink line of products is based on a core ingredient, which is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil. This is the essential superfood-nutrient that we think is a great addition to anyone’s wellness routine. All our products contain this natural and organic ingredient, and we believe that this does wonders for our body in achieving a balance in our system as it impacts our ECS. How you take this is up to you, you have to choose the vehicle that’s right for you.

Let’s dive into this and try to answer that question of what ReThink CBD products you can use! As we made an analogy here that the core ingredient is the same but choosing the right “vehicle” is really the key to success.

This all really comes down to what you do now and what your wellness routine consists of. There are some elements to consider that will help you make the right choice – let’s examine those elements.

Think about what vitamins and nutritional supplements you currently take… are you taking pills, gel capsules, vitamin gummies, liquids, shakes, etc.? If you’re more comfortable taking GelCaps, then our CBD GelCaps are an easy addition to the ones you are taking now.

Other people are more comfortable chewing their supplements, so as you see more adults using gummy vitamins, our CBD Gummy Drops might be the right fit for you.

If the point here isn’t already clear, the core idea is to pick a product that makes the most sense for you, something that fits into the wellness routine you’re most comfortable with and add ReThink CBD to that mix. Sometimes staying in your comfort zone is what will make you the most successful in adding another supplement. On the other hand, maybe trying something new in a different format is what you want. Overall, as consistency is really the important element in anything we do - you just can’t do something here and there and have that be effective, it's best to be timely and consistent.

Our topical CBD products such as our Roll-On or Creams are very effective for application directly on the places where you’re experiencing physical pain (back, shoulders, knees, hands, elbows, etc.).

What most people seem to do:

  • Many people use the CBD Roll-On on their lower back when they experience pulled or sore muscles and it may be very effective in relieving that pain. If you experience knee pain use the Roll-On directly on your knees before you go to the gym, this may allow you to get a full workout without your knees complaining while you’re on the cardio machine.
  • If mood enhancement is what you are after, use higher-strength tincture oil (500mg) to help improve your outlook.
  • One of the most common reasons people use CBD is for insomnia. Many people sleep well when using the CBD Syrup that’s infused with Melatonin. Candidly, it doesn’t work for everyone. The sleep syrup has really helped many people get a good night of rest.