Chloroprene Gloves

Chloroprene: the Most Comfortable Gloves Around

When you want the most comfortable gloves you can wear, choose Chloroprene (polychloroprene).  Our customers tell us once worn, no other glove measures up. Some of our dentists tell us, "I feel like spider man, I can climb walls with these gloves"!

Chloroprene is a synthetic material with a molecular structure closely mirroring Natural Rubber Latex providing the comfort and feel of Latex and the barrier and strength of Nitrile.  Chloroprene is the material of choice where tactile sensitivity, comfort, strength and excellent barrier protection is desired.

Comfort and Fit

Simply put, disposable gloves made from Chloroprene are the most comfortable gloves you can wear.  Perfect for extended wear, Chloroprene gloves offer unique and clear advantages over gloves produced with either Natural Rubber or Nitrile. The enhanced comfort of Chloroprene can be found in its lower modulus when compared to Nitrile. The lower the modulus the softer, more elastic the glove, allowing for a snug, yet extremely comfortable fit that can improve performance, increase dexterity and reduce hand fatigue.

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Exam Glove - Halyard

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