Having the Incontinence Talk with Parents
Incontinence is a condition that is difficult for anyone to accept. Many seniors start by simply ignoring the issue. The sense of lost dignity can be very difficult for people that are still cognitively sound. How do you talk about this with anyone?
Skin Care for Incontinent is More Important Than You May Think
People with incontinence and their caregivers inherently know that caring for your skin is just as important as preventing leaks. However, you may just not know where to start.
Parent with Incontinence? You Are Not Alone
If you have a parent who is incontinent, you might feel like you are in uncharted territory, but do not feel alone. It is a challenge few expect to deal with as their parents age. But neither you, nor your parents, should feel embarrassed about this issue that many seniors will face for one reason or another. Many caregivers are challenged with the options and issues before they find solutions that can help them and their parents through this journey. Remember that incontinence is very often a treatable condition, so always speak with your parent’s doctor to uncover the underlying cause.
Confused Between Brief or Protective Underwear?
There is a wide misconception regarding the styles of incontinence products, and this article will clear it up.
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